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'As a rule, the cycle of ownership costs less than the cycle of leasing. In other words, once all the fees are added up, you'll pay less to buy a new car you'll own than to lease a car you won't' ' You have all the responsibilities of ownership with none of its advantages.'
Very much not true, especally for luxury cars. The money factor offered by the factory is very often much lower than the prevailing finance rate. Also, the actual market value of the car, is almost always less than the residual value. This leaves room to negotiate a lower buy price at the end of the lease. Think of a lease as like buying, but with the added option of SELLING the car back to the factory at the end of the lease terms at a pre-determined price. Remember this option to SELL the car back is held by the lessie, the lessie is in effect in control, and thus essentially owns the car. Also, the lessie, can end the lease any time by paying off the debt owed on the car. There is no scenario where a lease deal can be worse thane a buy deal. Run up the miles and or damage the car, ok the deailer may raise the residual so high with fees that you've essentially lost your SELL option, ok, so you are no worse off than if you bougth the car outright.