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Front fog lights, if fitted should not be used with dipped beam. They are designed (on all cars sold in Europe anyway) to be used when the dipped beam is 'blinding the driver.' They are aimed so that they illuminate the road as far as possible without the blinding effect and provide adequate warning to other road users that you are there. Using them alongside dipped beams completely defies their purpose (which is not, as many assume, to increase visibility). In practice, they should only ever be used in fog so thick you can not see with dipped beams and at very low speeds due to the short cast of the light. If you are using front fog lights, you should really be getting off the road ASAP anyway. Use of front fog lights alongside dipped beams has the added disadvantages of dazzling other road users and drawing the drivers focus in close rather than down the road. Neither of these are a help and only serve to increase the chances of an accident. Otherwise, nice tips.