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I do have a comment or two about bicyclists on the nation's highways. Maybe some law includes bicycles as the same as a motor-powered vehicle, but, alas, they cause motorists to swerve in the lane of oncoming traffic, or to slam on brakes unless the roadway is straight and clear; this, to me, is the cyclist's fault. Many of them ride their bikes on turn-filled roadways, knowing that vehicles are going to be in both lanes; they almost defy a driver to claim any part of the proper lane, and they refuse to move over in order to promote safe passing for the vehicle. I have seen one accident that could have ended in tragedy for the cyclist if the motorist hadn't of had impeccable reactions; it was the cyclist who was ticketed for refusal to yield to the driver! In my opinion (and everyone has one), I believe that the roads were created for motorists, not cyclists. If I was still able to ride my bike as I used to, I would always get off the road to allow motorists to pass; if it was not safe to ride off the road, then I stopped and walked my bike off the road. Why should cyclists have rights over and above motorists? Why shouldn't they have to yield to the motorist? It's not like they're riding their bikes to the hospital, or the ER, or the dentist, etc. Most motorists have a plan for their trip; cyclists are doing their riding for recreation, or some type of fitness training. My final comment; cyclists have no business taking over the roadways and expecting motorists to take second place--get a REAL life! Ride your bike in your driveway or in a place especially provided for cyclists!