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Martha, most people who ride bikes are recreational riders..I give you that. But alot of cyclists rely on their bikes as their means of transportation..have you not heard of that? Alot of people, like myself, cannot afford, or just don't even care to own a car. When I commute on my bike, I expect driver's to go around me safely... and not to be endangered by someone who wants to go buy shoes at the mall. The horn is the most annoying thing from a motorist. About 75 percent of the time when i get honked at its cause they want me off the road, or I am riding too far to the Left..yes, the Left. Cyclists who ride on the white line near the edge of the roadway are 80 percent more likely to get hit. I ride in the center of narrow lanes, and if the lane is wide enough i ride to the Right, but no along the pavement edge..which is dangerous cause motorists will squeeze you off the road. I ride my bike properly and in the safest method I know..but motorists do not, and I do whatever i can to prevent that.