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One thing people that ride bikes on the roadways forget. Or want to ignore. It IS dangerous to the vehicle that is forced by laws to go 10 to 15 miles per hour on a very curvy small two lane rd that has a 40 mile per hour speed limit. Someone coming around a corner at 35 to 40 miles per hour with very limited sight in front can very easily run into the back of a vehicle that is unexpectantly going 10 miles per hour. I was going the speedlimit and came around a corner and allmost ran into a ol women that was going this speed in her car. There are laws for vehicles not to impead the flow of traffic as well as to go at such a slow rate of speed to be dangerous. IT IS DANGEROUS! No one can deny this. This is why people in vehicles are mad because bicycles disregard the well being and safety of people and even children in vehicles so that they can have what they want. What part of common sense doesnt tell you that if you force someone to go 10 miles per hour on a very windy wooded rd that that isnt a large risk of getting hit in the rear end? Im literally scared to death, keep looking in my rearview mirror just waiting, cringing that someones going to come around the corner and hit me in another vehicle. Where is the common sense. Its disregarded for the people in the vehicles. I believe this is due to votes possibly for the people that pass this law for bikes on roadways because it doesnt make any sense. If we cant pass, which is known that every time you cross that line that it is a risk. That is like me saying that I have a right to jog down the street and cars better watch out for me or ride my horse on a roadway. That would be stupid and I wouldnt do it because its called comman sense and Id also be causing danger to the drivers in vehicles. Comman sense and stop ignoring what is plainly facts. We know what is dangerous on the roads in vehicles. Dont tell us its not! You get no respect from me because you show no respect to begin with for other people and there familys safety. Yes it will anger a person that has there little children in the car and there in fear of going 10 miles on a backroad when the speedlimit is 40 or 45 sometimes 55 in narrow lanes and we are at risk of getting rear ended! Trust me, disrespect and throw away and be careless with our familys saftey and we wont respect yours. Goes both ways!