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If it is very easy to run into someone when you are driving through a curve at the posted speed limit, then a traffic engineer needs to find a new occupation. Also, for all those people who are "forced" into an oncoming lane for whatever reason, nobody forces you into an oncoming lane, it is your choice. Get rid of the attitude that you are special and need to drive over or constantly at the posted speed limit or that you are so skilled you don't need to pay careful attention to the road and you won't be forced to change lanes in a dangerous manner.

Driving without killing people isn't that difficult. Driving with skill, patience, and without a me-first attitude can be difficult but if learned will save much grievance. This applies to motorist, cyclists, pedestrians, young and ancient, and to me. I too am guilty of making the same mistakes and irrational decisions as other road users. I just don't blame anyone but myself for those mistakes.