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Sadly, the me-first attitude is commonly seen in in packs of cyclists who take over more than 1/2 the lane.

Rules of the road are that bicyclists should be riding single-file and yet I constantly run across pelotons where people are riding 2, 3, and yes, sometimes more, abreast.

And I've had bicyclists tell me that "well, they like to talk, sometimes."

Soy, yeah...If I have to choose between hitting a cyclist and hitting another car, the cyclist who will lose. Visibility CAN be poor on windy roads. Ignoring that fact won't make you any less dead if you're trying to honk up a hill that has a 45-mile an hour speed limit and you're barely going 5. Particularly if there are 2 of you doing that side by side like the idiots you are.

And when that happened to me? Had there been another cars passing at that point in the road...

When I drive my car, I assume other other driver's are idiots. It's saved my bacon a few times. Bicyclists should assume not only that drivers are idiots, but that many of their fellow bicyclists are, too, and that their idiocy -- and their holier-than-thou attitude -- isn't doing their reputation any good.