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Starting with what is right with the posting, The side rear view mirrors adjustment is spot on and is recommended by SAE and I have seen AAA leaflets about the same.

The missing adjustment in your statement, AA and the SAE is the position of the inside rear view mirror. The driver should be able to see himself in the mirror so it should be adjusted toward the passenger side and then, depending on the size of the mirror, the vehicle will never leave the driver sight and will travel from the inner mirror to his peripheral vision and the side view mirror at about the same time.

You do not need the cost of a blind spot radar to avoid the blind spot zone not to mention that these detectors actually distract drivers by blinking on and off during rush hour.

The Hands On Wheel position statement is totally junk science. The hands MUST BE BETWEEN 9:15 and 10:02 AND the Hand must grip the steering wheel all the time and not just touch it. Placing the hands any lower will cause poor steering control especially during emergency maneuvers.

All the talk about airbag causing broken arms and fingers from the 10:02 to 9:03 is just rumors. Airbags explode vertically toward the driver then horizontally to cover the steering wheel and they are mostly circular and will cover the entire steering wheel no matter what

Mouhamad A. Naboulsi
President, iQ-Telematics.
Member of SAE Safety and Human Factor Committee