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Last weekend my daughter and I was going to the store and as we got to the corner all the sudden the s-10 with 20' rims would all the sudden not stop for me so I was like OMG what is going on with this crazy thing well let me tell you all what is going on here this s-10 was not made for 20'rims it should had have 18'rims instead but the shop wanted that $1100 dollers that day and said they would put 2 spacers on this truck so they would fit b/c the rims was to big or the s-10 was to small so could this be our problem with stopping in the rain now im scared to drive it so if it needs brakes we will get these breaks if anyone knows what was wrong this day when we couldnt stop then it just felt like it locked up and got stuck and stopped really fast this time please email me at to let me know what to do thank you and have a great evening!!!!!