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One night I was driving in my local area with a couple friends in another car in front of me. They stopped and pulled over on a residential street and so I did too. We were waiting for another friend to catch up to us when a blacked out suburban rolled slowly down the street towards us. There was a parked car in front of my friends car in front of me so the suburban blocked both him and I in. I backed up to get out but the SUV continued to stay next to me giving my friend in front a clear shot at getting away. 3 Guys jumped out of the SUV and surrounded my car and I hadn't even realized that my window was down. I went to shoot the gap between the Suburban and the parked car but the other driver anticipated my move and blocked me off. So once again I proceeded to back up and try and open the gap back up and luckily this time it had worked perfectly. As i pulled away one guy had reached his arm in my window and grabbed me but he couldn't hold on. Another guy smashed my rear window with a bat or pipe of some sort and that was all that had came out of it Fortunately for me I was driving a sports car that i had just recently purchased so getting away was fast enough to leave them in the dust. LUCKY ME!