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I was running errands in a strip mall. I finished shopping at one store and drove to the grocery store at the other end of the mall. It was a little after dark. As I was pulling in to the spot, I noticed a man walking towards my minivan. Before I could lock the car doors, the man threw open the back passenger door and tried to jump in. A child's car seat in the back passenger side and some items on the floor kept him from getting in completely. I screamed at him to get out of my car at the top of my lungs. He looked stunned, got out, and hurried off. I thank God that my children were not in the car.

I called the police immediately. This was a busy parking lot that evening. I was stunned that no one came to my assistance, asked if I was ok, called the police, or offered being a witness. I made eye contact with several people after the event, but I should have verbally asked for help. I am guessing at least 6 people had seen what had happened and I'm sure more had heard me scream.

When talking with the police, a man matching my description had just tried to pass a faulty check at a nearby store.