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I was in my own northbound lane on a two lane highway road slowly coming up behind two state snow plows. I was traveling at about 40 miles per hour so wouldn't have excessive speed to bleed off or too high of speed and impact the snow plow. I remember being very alert because of light snow just starting. I woke up in a hospital from a head on collision with a loaded straight truck. They took lots of pictures of my truck and the truck behind me who's trailer also was clipped. The truck that hit us was also our lane. The impact forced my truck cab and sleeper to turn 90 degrees away from the chassis. There are gouges in his lane. The left steering tire is gone from the rim on his truck and the rim itself is ground off. The left steering tire on my truck although flat is still on the rim. How could it leave gouges that look suspiciously like they were made by a rim.