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SUVs are a major irritant and source of hazard for other drivers on city streets and highways. They are just too big for roads that were built to accomodate much smaller vehicles and decades before the SUV concept was introduced to our society. An SUV parked on a residential street narrows that street and makes it difficult for others to navigate out of their driveways. They create similar safety problems to others when parked near intersections. On the road, driving behind anSUV limits your visibility of what is ahead. They pose similar problems to others as pick-up and larger trucks do. Although they are smaller than the monstrous trucks one sometimes encounters on highways, their sheer large numbers on the road make them just as much of a nuisance. In my view, the spread of SUVs is an indication of the selfishness that permeates even the most civilized of our societies on this planet. I think that the responsible agencies at the national and state levels should limit their use to certain roads that are wide enough to minimize their impact on the visibility of the majority of other drivers.