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Slow drivers kill. EVERY PERSON COMMENTING HERE THAT IS IN FAVOR OF SLOWER DRIVING. Guess what? They sure are aware of everyone else driving. They are going 60MPH but they take the time to gauge the speeders speed, the exact place they saw people speeding. I wouldn't be surprised if they take the time to find a pen and paper going 60MPH to get the guys license plate. The one thing they are NOT doing. Focusing on there own driving. FOCUS, IMPROVE YOUR OWN driving skills. Stop worrying and deciding what other people need to be doing. Be a good person and live well. That does not mean sticking your nose in everyone else business. Slow drivers worrying too much about what OTHER people are doing are the reason some poor guy didn't make it to the hospital on time to say goodbye to a parent or a friend. Or the reason some guy running to catch the bus gets hit. Because they are busy looking around everywhere instead of looking at the road.