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Wouldn't it be nice if statistics were 100% reliable?... one of the problems with statistics is the variants involved. weather conditions, etc... i carpool with my co-worker to work and he insists on driving 45mph in a 60mph speed-zone for 30 miles to and from work... impeding traffic and causing everyone we encounter on the road to pass him. he brags about how he's never had a ticket, but i've constantly argued that by forcing people to pass him that it's just as dangerous to go 15 under as it is over.
the statistics shown here state that speeding is 1/3 the cause of all wrecks... but what they don't say is how many of those speeding were drunk and/or how many were speeding (which there's an asterisk on the state's websites stating "going above speed for weather conditions") meaning they count crashes where someone is going the speed limit, but on an icy road (like a fool).
they do say that drunk people are the majority (which they are) but the statistics always favor the author or authorities ;) . Google "motorcycle fatality statistics" for example, you'll find statistics showing that if you own a crotch-rocket that you won't live over a week, yet when you look at the real statistics and testimonials it shows us rocketeers are still alive and well. like me :)