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I appreciate the basis of your article - that accidents involving large trucks are a major safety concern in the US. However, if you research the subject, you'll find that every one of your 'citations' are already industry standards for truck drivers. For example, hazardous materials must be transported by a qualified CDL holder with a Hazmat Endorsement who has passed Federal background and fingerprinting checks. Trailers have been required to have 'ICC Bars or DOT Bumpers' to prevent smaller vehicles from being crushed underneath. It is statistically proven that most car-truck accidents involving a fatality are caused by the driver of the passenger car. Instead of harping about problems that have been solved for decades, we need to instill in the American public that driving around large trucks requires more skill, patience and intuition than driving with other cars. For more info, check out the FMCSA's (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website on the subject: