All about tires

All about tires

Check tire pressure regularly - at least once a month. If you have time for tire pressure, would be better to buy one.

Find recommended manual pressure or pressure plate boundaries, which should exist somewhere on the car (eg. Driver's door, inside the tank, the glove box.)

Maximum pressure listed on tire pressure is not right! Rotate tires at every second oil change - will ensure the proper functioning of all tires.

Feel the vibrations of circular normal speed? - Balance your wheels. There is a safety limit for tread. If the tire is worn below this limit is unsafe, the driver can check your tires. Unbalanced tires indicate a problem balancing.

Neechilibrarea causes highly inflated tires and worn suspension and steering fault. in the worst case, neechilibrarea can throw a skidding car, especially on slippery or wet roads. If the car pulls to one side, derapeaza or is not safe on the road, check balance. Balancing done correctly will make the car more pleasant way.

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