How to choose winter tires

How to choose winter tires

Winter tire choice is not so simple, just go to the tire shop and choose the ones you want. There are several things a person must comply when the final decision. Will continue to introduce how to do this.

Choice of winter tires can be a very important decision. Not only does someone have to worry about the expense that involves, but is very important that these tires should help you on the road. Believe it or not, there are very few things a person must bear in mind before buying a universal set of tires. Use this simple guide when you buy a new set of tires and you can buy the best kit you need. In fact, if you use these simple tips, you can tell if you need winter tires or not.

Tyre Size

The first thing you need to do is look in your car manual to find out what kind of tires you have on the car.

Tread Size

Often you'll want to use narrower tires when driving in snow and ice. The reason is that narrower tires are better suited to create a path through sleet or snow in winter.


Best possible tires you can buy winter tires should be reinforced with metal. Unfortunately, these tires are considered illegal in 10 states (ie you can not use at all) and the other 30 states may be used only seasonally. Make sure that you can use or not in your state before you buy.


Even if it's very tempting to buy only two tires for the car, especially for front wheel drive cars will need to purchase a complete set of tires because if you have several types of tires will affect vehicle handling. Car handling is extremely important during the winter months and you will not want to do things that prevent you from properly handle the car.


If you have decided to buy winter tires, then you have to maintain. This is an investment and thus be protected. Give a little time and read the maintenance manual to see which is the pressure recommended for winter tires. Remember that your tires will lose approx. 1 psi (pounds per square inch = 0.45 kg / 6.45 cm 2) every ten degrees the temperature drops, so you should check the pressure regularly.

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