How to properly mount snow chains

How to properly mount snow chains

When driving in winter, chains are a good way to help you stay on the road. Unfortunately, proper mounting of the chain would be problematic if you've never done that before. We present below how correct mounting chains and not skid on the road.

In countries where it is illegal to use winter tires reinforced with metal, we must seek the best alternative in place. In this case, the best option are chains. Some people even say that tire chains are better than winter tires. One of the benefits that would have to use chains instead of winter tires is that they reduce the initial cost of $ 55.00 to $ 130.00, compared with growth of 194.00 per tire price tire. Another benefit is that the chains can be removed (and installed) quite easily when no longer needed.

Materials needed:

  • Chains (style and material of your choice)
  • Key Adjustable
  • Claws


Type - The first thing you have to do is decide what type of chain you use. This may seem a little strange, but there are three basic styles of metal chains, and different types of materials to be made. Do a little research work and decide what style you want (each type has its benefits). I usually use metal cable type chains, because they are easy to install and a little cheaper than other types of metal chains.

Match with tires

You can buy chains that are made for different sizes of tires. Personally, I suggest you buy this type of chain, so that you reduce the time to adjust to fit chains. If this is the type of chains that you will buy, then before installing itself, you will need to adjust the chain to fit. Do this by adjusting the chains on a tire the same size or remove one of your tires on the car and adjust the chains. You want to use chains to be as close as possible to tire. If you do so, you will have a smoother and quieter ride. At the same time this will reduce damage by chains and you will prolong the use. Tighten. Start by chains sit directly in front or behind the tires. Ask another person to help with directions (while driving your car) to the middle chain. Pick over and chains around the tires and tighten the hooks together. Once you do this, you should note that there are some nuts to be tightened too. Do this using your fingers (if possible) and then using a wrench or adjustable pliers or to raise them further.


Finally, after you close and secure the chain, you are ready to go. While driving will have to make sure you do not go too fast. You should only go approx. 40 miles (64 km) per hour, otherwise you will damage or tire chains.

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