Tyres: tips for travelers

Tyres: tips for travelers

About this holiday season will start in August in the car, first you must pay close attention to the tires of his car. Indeed, in a survey conducted by "Automobile.it showed that only 50% of holidaymakers check the tires of your car before you travel.

To limit this phenomenon, in 2003 the project "Safe Holiday", sponsored by trade associations and Assogomma Federpneus, in collaboration with the Traffic Police. The services provided by the project is a free inspection of tires that can be made at the 5000 tire members.

Seven years after the project, the Traffic Police found the car with slick tires account for about 3-5% of the national fleet, against 80-10% in 2003. However, cars running on slick tires totaled more than 1.5 million, a figure quite considerable.

In this case, the Traffic Police points out that the tread depth must be greater than 1.6 mm. Furthermore, studies conducted in recent years shows that about 3-5% of cars fitted with tires that have damaged denominations, bubbles etc.. Instead, the 2-4% of circulating cars with tires not approved.

The first advice given by the promoters of the project "Safe Holiday" is to maintain proper tire pressure. This advice also stressed that Bridgestone has developed three main rules to travel safely, or: check tread depth, check tire pressure, check for damage or uneven wear.

In this regard, note that the Bridgestone tires are worn or not sufficiently inflated, increasing the stopping negatively affect handling, increase the risk of skidding and hydroplaning, reduce significantly the duration of the tires produce more CO2 emissions, increase the resistance rolling and its fuel consumption.

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