2012 Renault will launch a competitor to Tata Nano

2012 Renault will launch a competitor to Tata Nano

In partnership with the Indian group Bajaj, Renault will launch by 2012 the Indian market a car with low fuel consumption, the price to $ 3000. It will compete with the world's cheapest car - Tata Nano.

In 2008, Renault and Bajaj announced a partnership to build a moderately priced car, but there were disagreements between the two parties and thus delayed a year. "We are now fully agree," said Renault head of the journalists, during a visit to New Delphi.

Design, design and production will be performed by Bajaj, with the support of Renault-Nissan, while marketing and distribution will be managed by Renault, with the support of the Indian group, said Carlos Ghosn, Renault director, in a statement. "We intend to launch the Indian market this product very competitive and consuming less fuel in 2012. There is a demand for this type of product with high innovation, not only for the Indian market, but also other emerging markets, where it becomes essential to propose individual vehicles at affordable prices, "said Ghosn.

The machine, which will compete in India with the cheapest car on the market, Tata Nano, offered for sale in 2009, will have to take Renault logo. There has been no comment on the price of that car will be sold, but more recently Renault indicated that the price could be around $ 3000, above the $ 2000 they sell nano.

India has one billion people provides a very attractive market for major automakers, who have been affected severely by the economic crisis. Despite the economic boom of recent years, Indian car market is still very low, a 7-8 cars per thousand inhabitants.

Source: http://www.renault.com/en/

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