Audi Balanced Mobility: E-Gas Methane Project For The Future Range TCNG

Audi is presenting the project in Hamburg Audi Balanced Mobility ", in which part of the E-Gas Project and the concept TCNG A3. The new project aims to improve at all levels of CO2 emissions, thus exploring all possible alternatives: natural gas, electric cars and hydrogen. The E-Gas Project is the result of 3 years of research and see Audi is engaged in the production of methane in the future bifuel car range with TCNG TFSI engine, expected in 2013, is the same in the production of fuels and clean energy creating a true balance on emissions during the entire cycle of creation and use of vehicles. Will be financed projects for the installation of wind turbines that will feed into future versions of E-Tron's electrical and enable the production of hydrogen, which in turn can be used both to create methane by electrolysis, or as fuel for future fuel-cell .

According to the calculations of the Audi engineers, in collaboration with partners involved in the creation of future energy centers and storage, the electricity generated by wind turbines and methane will assemble 1000 Audi A1 E-Tron and food for 10,000 km, with an energy surplus that will be sent to the national grid. The same amount of energy will be enough to power 1500 Audi A3 TCNG to 15,000 km annually, with an estimated surplus of 150 tonnes of methane to be reused in the public network, balancing the CO2 emissions with clean energy available to the network.

In addition to the concept A3 TCNG bifuel methane, which does not know technical details unless the promising performance of the turbo engine with a capacity of 130 octane fuel such as methane, Audi is also talking about the session discussed and A1-tron, confirmed time mode EREV guaranteed by the small rear Wankel engine, dedicated to energy production to increase the autonomy overall. The electric motor produces 61 hp (with a peak of 102 hp) and 240 Nm of torque transmitted directly to the front wheels on a single gear change. Capable of touching 130 km / h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds, A1 E-Tron is equipped with 12-kwh lithium batteries, liquid cooled and placed in the central tunnel and under the rear seat , with a range exceeding 50 km.


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