Audi has opened an online shop for spare parts

Audi has opened an online shop for spare parts

To keep in shape classic cars, "Audi Tradition Parts" today launched an online Audi Parts and their predecessors. The range offered by Audi Tradition comes to the aid dealers and customers of course.

"The Audi Tradition, we are proud that our store can provide spare parts for older classic or less," said Thomas Frank, director of Audi Tradition. "We will expand the range step by step, but for the Audi AG was precedeată several different companies, there will never be possible to provide any parts that may be needed." Bernd Hoffmann, Head of Service and Genuine Parts, explains "Audi AG will provide certain pieces by Audi Tradition, complementary to those delivered by Audi Service."

Audi Tradition warehouse now includes more than 300,000 pieces, it is no longer available through original line service. The online store is the first step in optimizing the sales process. Customers can register on site and can order any spare time they need.


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