BMW Innovations For The Vehicle Lighting System

BMW launches new technologies and facilities outside of the vehicle lighting system, designed to assist the driver and increase safety: dynamic light beams, anti-glare assistance for full-beam headlights and LED.

Remarkable innovations in vehicle safety have always characterized BMW cars. With more advanced technology, BMW has often been a pioneer for the entire auto industry. System based on sensors, driver assistance systems of BMW ConnectedDrive, such as "Speed ​​Limit Info" released in 2008 were innovative. Now, BMW has once again taken the lead with outdoor lighting, "Dynamic Light Spot (dynamic beam of light).

The "Dynamic Light Spot automatically directs a beam of light to nearby pedestrians and animals, and also warn the driver. The risk of injury to pedestrians is four times higher at night than day, and serious accidents are often caused by late recognition of persons or animals on the road. With BMW Night Vision, the German manufacturer has created a very effective technology for driver assistance, under the umbrella of BMW ConnectedDrive. This support is extended for a further innovation - BMW Dynamic Light Spot. The system uses sensors to identify objects around the driver and illuminates them with a beam of light. Thus, the driver can brake in time or avoid an imminent impact.

Another feature that presented a BMW's "Glare-free high-beam assistant (support anti-glare high beam). The system locates vehicles approaching from the opposite direction and on the front, their drivers and prevent blindness by automatic adjustment of the headlight beam of the beam. This automatic and smooth transition between two phases provides driver comfort.

The German manufacturer also announced that the new BMW 6 Series will have optional LED headlights.


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