BMW Series 1 Will Be Renamed Series 2

Current BMW 1 Series 2 Series will be renamed to make way for a new class of entry-level BMW with front-wheel drive. German manufacturer registered the name in Germany and the U.S. M2.

Lately rumors have appeared on numerous BMW 1 Series models, some even contradictory. It seems that things start to clarify and things go like this: BMW 1 Series 2 Series will be renamed and will include a new 1 Series range of entry-level models with front-wheel drive.

BMW recently registered the name "M2", both in Germany and the United States probably will have to ensure that this name for the eventual successor to the BMW 1 Series M, which seems to be produced only in 2011.

If such information will be confirmed, Series 2 would include a coupe version (codenamed F22), a convertible version (F23) and a performance model M2, with classic five-door hatchback.

BMW has launched a new series dedicated to a site that posted a teaser photo of two models, which appear to be hatchback 3 and 5 door. Moreover, cars are promoted under the slogan "One Origin, Two Originals" (a home, two originals) suggest two bodies available at launch.

The new BMW models 1/Seria 2 and could make his debut world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


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