BMW shows new hybrid system based on hydrogen

BMW shows new hybrid system based on hydrogen

BMW presented the new plan hybrid system based on hydrogen.

BMW presented the first information on hydrogen-based hybrid system. The new system could be used on new models and new BMW Mini with front-wheel drive. This system is based on a conventional propulsion system which causes the front wheels and a hydrogen propulsion system, which causes the rear wheels.

Electrical system runs on hydrogen cells, and current training product that helps the rear wheels. The advantages of this system is that it offers both four-wheel drive when needed, and consumption and low emissions.

BMWau engineers said the new system based Hybrid Hydrogen offers the possibility of moving the center of town without harmful CO2 issue, which is impossible for the current power technology. So far the system has been tested on prototypes Series 1, which have been modified to work with front-wheel drive.

BMW officials have not yet given consent to start producing these hybrid models. They said before you have to see if people are interested and have an estimate of potential marketing and support system based on hydrogen. This means that they have discussed installing hydrogen fueling centers in major cities.

Hibdrid hydrogen-based system consists of two components:

    * Conventional propulsion system, which uses a gasoline engine driving the rear wheels and
    * Hydrogen system, which causes the rear wheels

The two systems are designed to operate separately, but can also function together in order to benefit from a boost of power when needed. BMW officials believe that this system represents the future as large city centers are becoming more crowded and more polluted. They said that there will come a time where cities will ban polluting cars in the center, such as a zero-emission car will be the only solution.


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