Call the service expands and Toyota cars in Europe

Call the service expands and Toyota cars in Europe

After a few days ago announced that it has suspended official U.S. sales of eight models involved in the recent call in service, for dealing with the accelerator, Toyota announced that Europe will have a similar action.

Toyota officially announced that it is possible that certain mechanisms of the accelerator, under certain rare conditions, remain locked in down position, or return to the starting position is to be too slow. In these cases, the driver could refer the accelerator pedal or is reluctant to push too slowly.

Toyota will call to service its European cars to fix this potential problem and thus eliminate any suspicion on the normal operation of pedal mechanism. Actions and implementation details will be communicated directly to customers affected nespecificând manufacturer, officially, no one machine will be called upon for service, nor that of the range models are concerned, investigating the problem.

Also, Toyota announced that the new vehicles, located on the assembly line, are already using other components, and is not required to stop production in Europe.

Toyota ensure that customers make every effort to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Although the incidence of this problem is very low, Toyota recommends that customers are concerned about this issue should contact the nearest Toyota Service to request assistance before the instructions and campaigning service to issue.


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