Chevrolet and OnStar emergency services train for technology electric cars

Chevrolet and OnStar emergency services train for technology electric cars

At "American National Safety Month, Chevrolet has joined OnStar and the most important national emergency services, announcing the first program of instruction for automotive electric motor manufacturer sponsored.

"We believe that an education program is needed to help this important group of rescuers' lives to understand the operation of electric motor in case of accident or other emergency," said Carmen Benavides, Chevrolet Safety Executive. "The team at Chevrolet and OnStar with emergency services take the initiative, as the launch electric cars on roads and other advanced technologies."

In recent months, Chevrolet has worked with representatives of emergency services in the U.S. safety organizations to develop educational materials that can be used nationally by firefighters, police and emergency centers.

The training program includes animation and illustrations that highlight the Chevrolet Volt, for example, places where high strength steel was used, cutting points for Extrication, labels for emergency services, automatic and manual power off and more.

Since June, the first scheduled training sessions at conferences in Chicago Fire, Houston and Indianapolis. Chevrolet will host training sessions for emergency services in the areas of sales for Volt later in the year, cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and Washington DC Materials will be published on a private site, for anyone who can not attend the training program.

Active and passive safety features of the Chevrolet Volt

Safety features include the Chevrolet Volt an antilock braking system, StabiliTrak stability and traction control system. Additional features include a collision avoidance lights and days of hands-free equipment through OnStar and Bluetooth. Volt collision may reduce the risk of injury through safety cell with special structure, sensors, controlled deformation zones, the eight standard airbags and safety belts. And after producing an accident, cars in the U.S. Chevrolet Volt will receive extra protection provided by the OnStar system in certain types of collisions, using sensors integrated motor automatically alert OnStar advisor, connecting it to the car immediately and may request that emergency care services at that location.

Far have been conducted over 50 crash tests at various speeds and angles during the process of developing the Chevrolet Volt, including frontal crash tests, side and rear, and rollover. Intensive body structure using high strength steel, to achieve safety performance that ranks it first in its segment.

In recent years, Chevrolet was concerned with preparing the U.S. market for electric vehicles and Volt. Since the Volt has been announced in the production program in 2007, Chevrolet has joined the Research Institute for Electric and 10 other major utility providers in the United States worked with local and national authorities in several U.S. states and participated in meetings with stakeholders in major cities to ensure widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


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