Chevrolet Volt can be controlled remotely using a mobile

Chevrolet Volt can be controlled remotely using a mobile

Chevrolet and OnStart first application developed in the auto industry that allows drivers through smart phones, to connect and control the functions of the Chevrolet Volt, scheduled for release at the end.

Application created by OnStar allows drivers to communicate with their car Chevrolet Volt, if they have a Droid phone from Motorola, Apple iPhone or Blackberry Storm. It uses a data connection in real time which can transmit numerous machine orders, from time to recharge to unlock doors.

OnStar application created for Chevrolet Volt is designed to improve the experience of networking driver with his vehicle, causing her to a new level. The phone can display information such as charging the battery when connected to electricity or not, can give the command load or can be programmed to do so. Also, the driver can remotely start cooling, setting a specific temperature.

"Chevrolet Volt will open a new era in the automotive world and requires a new level of connectivity and control," said Walt Dorfstatter, president of OnStar. "Almost 6 million vehicles on the road today (in the U.S., no) connectivity using OnStar, and our new application will further ease the life of Volt drivers.

Demonstration applications for Motorola Droid and Blackberry Storm are available and the iPhone in Apple's iTunes store.

Electric Chevrolet Volt production model is scheduled to begin in late 2010 and prices have not yet been announced.


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