Chevrolet Volt will be launched first in California, USA

Chevrolet Volt will be launched first in California, USA

Chevrolet announced at the Motor Show in Los Angeles that Volt electric model with extensive autonomy will be available towards the end of 2010 the first time in California, the biggest market for new vehicles in the U.S.

Chevrolet has concluded partnerships and three utility companies in California and the Research Institute of Electricity (EPRI), in an extensive program of practical demonstration and research which aims to familiarize customers with electric vehicles with advanced technology electrification of them and establish programs for energy load of motor vehicles, and customer support. General Motors leads the program with available a sum exceeding 30 million dollars in funds provided by U.S. plan to return and reinvestment (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), the Initiative for the electrification of transport, given the U.S. Department of Energy.

"California is naturally the most important market for the Volt. In addition to being the largest automotive market, Californians are first interested in adopting innovative technologies, "said Brent Dewar, GM vice president, Global Brand Chevrolet.

Start of production Volt is scheduled for late 2010. Prices were not announced. The first market to launch the Volt, including California, will be crucial to validate availability of the retail market to electric vehicles. GM is working with major utility companies across North America to prepare in advance of each regional market before launching the retail market. Chevrolet Volt supply will start in Europe before the end of 2011.

In the context of research and demonstration program, Chevrolet will offer participants a more than 100 vehicle Volt, which will be used for two years in their fleet. Also, Chevrolet will use the OnStar telematics technology to collect data on vehicle performance and driver side, which will be sent U.S. Department of Energy and then will be used to improve customer experience when using new technology.

Since the Volt is designed to be conveniently loaded with energy everywhere, the program includes construction of over 500 charging stations for residents, businesses and the general public. The loading station will be used to provide more information about the installation process and supply of motor vehicles to find out customer response to this experience.

Wayne Brannon, president and chief executive of Chevrolet Europe, said: "We are very excited by the announcement today. Information and knowledge resulting from the activities and partnerships held in California will be extremely valuable for us to carry out plans to launch the Chevrolet Volt and its distribution in Europe. "

The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle that exceeds the limits. It was designed to cover up to 60 miles without gasoline and without producing fumes. When lithium-ion battery the Volt is released, enter immediately into action a motor / generator to ensure uninterrupted operation and expand the autonomy to 500 km, until the next stop to refuel or recharge the battery.

But the Volt is more than its advanced electric propulsion system. With the rest of technology does not cover battery, Volt lead personalization, feedback and interaction to another level.

"Counter efficiency" model Volt, located on the instrument panel digital driver provides real-time feedback on the effectiveness of management. Heating and cooling system has three modes for efficiency, and activation button "Green Leaf" (Leaf Green) Volt model provides access to information on the flow of power supply and power the vehicle. The driver can set the program will load the vehicle or remotely, according to time or cost, Volt is even equipped with a system that gives the driver audio and visual indications for starting or stopping the vehicle or load activation energy.

Volt has an exceptional behavior in Los Angeles area, in the days before the opening of the Motor Show.


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