Chrysler will produce Alfa Romeo and Fiat models

Chrysler will produce Alfa Romeo and Fiat models

Chrysler will publish a list of brands that are expected to occur on November 4. The company will enter the U.S. market, among others, Fiat 500 models, from 2011, and Alfa Romeo in 2012, said sources close to the situation.

American car manufacturer Chrysler, saved from bankruptcy by Fiat, will waive their several models for the U.S. market and will focus in on marketing and a high production machine developed by the Italian group, such as Alfa Romeo and Fiat 500, according to the Wall Steet Journal.

Fiat 500 would be built in Mexico, while more Alfa Romeo models, including the MiTo, will be produced in North America. Alfa Romeo was taken off the U.S. market in the mid 90s.

Fiat and Chrysler seeks also to develop new vehicles based on technology Italian group, and a medium-size sedan, which will be launched in 2012. Meanwhile, the American company is preparing to abandon its many models, including different versions of Dodge and Jeep.

However, the next two years, Chrysler will be based primarily on current models, notes the Wall Street Journal. In this idea, car manufacturer intends to launch next year of two vehicles range restyled Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300 sedan.

In April 2009, Chrysler went bankrupt because of decreasing demand. But the company was saved by Fiat, after having entered into partnership with the Italian industrial group. In June, the two sides signed an agreement by which Fiat has taken 20% stake in Chrysler, with possible increase of 35%. Instead, the Italian group is committed to provide the necessary technology partner to build small cars.


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