Dacia Duster will also have an automatic gearbox

Dacia Duster will also have an automatic gearbox

Duster SUV will be launched and automatic transmissions, like Logan and Sandero models, which are exported to markets in the Middle East or Russia, which are marketed under the Dacia and Renault.

According to the official plan, Duster will be launched this spring in Europe, Turkey, Algeria and Morocco, Ziarul Financiar writes.

Also, with the launch in the Middle East, and Duster will have a manual five-speed automatic transmission, like Logan, given that over 95% of cars sold in these markets have such a transmission.

In 2011, Duster will be released again under the Renault brand in Brazil, Russia and the countries of the Persian Gulf. For markets last cars will be produced in Mioveni. Subsequently, Dacia will start CKD exports collections of Duster and the plant AvtoFramos in Russia.

The Romanians are on waiting lists, dealers Germans already have prices, and the French led SUV Romanian Dacia Duster. In Germany, according to unofficial information, the new model's starting price is 12,400 euros, while one of the most expensive version comes to cost 14,400 euros.

Although there are several days until Dacia Duster will be officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show, dealers in France have already received the official brochure of the model, technical data and equipment versions.

The people who have shown interest in the Dacia Duster stands currently at over 10,000. "The number of potential customers who have registered on the Dacia site to get more information is high. An exact figure will communicate in Geneva, but I think they are more than 10,000, "said Fabrice Cambolive, commercial director of Renault.

Source: http://www.renault-dacia-logan.com/

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Waiting for Daster automatic version in the Egyptian market

i'm waiting for the same and i hope with good price also

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