Dacia exports increased by 150% in January

Dacia exports increased by 150% in January

Dacia 2010 began in force in relation to exports, when 22,000 vehicles were sent abroad, unlike Romania, where Dacia sales in the first month were only 760 cars.

In the first month of 2010, Dacia reported exports increasing by almost 150% from January 2009. Dacia exports exactly one year ago were 8900 units, and now stood at 22,000 cars, according to company Vice President Constantin Stroe.

Dacia 2010 began acceptable. If we had relied on the Romanian market in January would have to work only 7 ½ hours. I managed to give out 22,000 cars for export and then rely on the Dacia Duster will have to make a contribution to overcome the crisis this year, "said Vice Dacia, Constantin Stroe.


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