Dacia hit by the crisis in parts of Japan

Dacia, hit by the crisis in parts of Japan

Dacia car manufacturer is having problems with supply of parts from Japan, so chances are that activity at the Pitesti plant to be halted for one week after the Easter Holidays.

Auto company representatives have been reluctant to confirm a decision, stating that the situation is still under analysis.

"It is a fact that some suppliers Dacia take parts from Japan, but has not yet convened the Joint Commission and has not made ​​a decision on the week after Easter Holidays. It is, however, that the real problem, "told the truth, Automobile Dacia deputy union leader Ion Iordache.

Dacia Renault's communications director, Anca Oreviceanu said that, at this point is an analysis with suppliers because it is true that the tragedy that struck Japan has affected the supply of parts to the factory in Pitesti. "Once we have a clearer picture, we will take a decision, " she added.

Source: http://daciagroup.com/

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