Dacia Renault sales endanger

Dacia Renault sales endanger

Renault sales were supported by high demand in Europe for Dacia, but the increasing popularity of cheap machines raises new problems for the French group, whose customers are left without more expensive models, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"Increasing popularity of these machines - which provide the basic package steering, power windows or air conditioning - causes new difficulties for other divisions Renault. Analysts believe that cheap Dacia, whose prices were reduced more than support package governments, have changed market expectations in terms of car prices and sales have held the more expensive models of Renault, "writes WSJ.

Dacia's total sales rose 18% in first seven months over the same period last year, advance more powerful than any other Renault model recalls American publication.

Thus, sales models and Logan Sandero in France went up by 58% in July, while French car market grew by only 3.1%. Dacia became the eighth mark this market by sales, surpassing manufacturers like Fiat or Nissan and Renault's alliance partner.

Renault representatives have shown previously that high sales of Dacia not affect the group's profit margins due to low production costs of the range of models.

Source: http://www.renault.com/

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