F1: Pirelli presents its colors before the race in Australia

F1: Pirelli presents its colors before the race in Australia

Italian company Pirelli, which is before the first season as the official tire supplier in Formula 1 after a break of 20 years, officially presented the colors that this season will be used to differentiate the six different types of tires.

For the six types of tires can be easily differentiated, each will be marked by a distinct color that will match both Pirelli logo and Pzero logo, imprinted on the tire sidewall. By regulation, each team is allowed to use only two compositions during a race - composition hard (hard), the main tires, and whether soft (soft), the alternative for the first three races of the year. In addition, depending on weather conditions, we can use intermediate or rain tires.

Each color reflects the unique personality of each type of tire and at the same time allow spectators and TV viewers to instantly recognize what type of tire uses every part of the pilot.

The six colors are:
- Rain - Orange
- Intermediate - Blue
- Supersoft - Red
- Soft - Yellow
- Medium - White
- Hard - Silver

The intermediate rain tires are used or rain, depending on the amount of water on the circuit. Supersoft tires are faster, but not last too long. Software version lasts a little longer, but this type of tire has been designed specifically for race cars to reach a higher speed. Tires medium composition provides a good compromise between speed and durability, and hard tires are the most resistant of all.

How the teams are able to exploit the different characteristics of these types of tires in their race strategy, will certainly add color to this season in Formula 1.

Composition tires hard (hard) will be the main tires and whether the soft (soft) will be the alternative for the first three races of the year - Australia, Malaysia and China - which means that the first color to be seen in Melbourne are silver and yellow.

First race of the Formula 1 season 2011 Australian Grand Prix will be held on the circuit in Albert Park, Melbourne on March 27, the grid 24 race cars are being fitted with Pirelli tires.

Source: http://www.pirelli.com/

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