Germany: Renault and Dacia registrations fell by 52%

Germany: Renault and Dacia registrations fell by 52%

Registrations of new car brands Renault and Dacia in Germany fell by 52% in May compared to same month in 2009, to 12,871 units, while the German market declined by 35.1% to 249,708 by machines.

Market share of Renault and Dacia fell to 5.2% in May from 5.3% in April, according to German car registration KBA Office, quoted by Mediafax. In the first three months of market share fell from 6.5% in January, to 4.9% in February and 4.2% in March.

The French manufacturer has been surpassed by Volkswagen (market share 21.7%), Mercedes (10.7%), BMW-Mini (9.2%), Audi (7.7%), Opel (7.6%) and Ford (6.7%).

Among the 33 producers monitored, only six had a positive trend in May and Land Rover (42.3%), Jaguar (26.2%), Chyrsler-Jeep-Dodge (24.8%) Volvo (13.3%), Mazda (12.5%) and Mercedes (6%).

In the first five months of the year, Renault and Dacia registrations dropped by 31.8% to 60,273 units, equivalent to a 5.1% market share.

German market declined by 27.7% to 1.18 million cars, and most companies analyzed and 19 of 33 recorded decreases greater than the Renault-Dacia.


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