Honda FCX Clarity arrived in Europe - only for tests

Honda FCX Clarity arrived in Europe - only for tests

Honda has two establishments in Europe FCX Clarity to participate in a comprehensive project feasibility of hydrogen mobility, and also launching a website devoted to the ecological model, with zero pollutant emissions.

The website marks the presence of 2 units FCX Clarity in Frankfurt, Germany, from September 2009, following an extensive feasibility project aimed at testing conditions and road machinery in Europe and not ultimately learning to infrastructure development H2 supply.

Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell works, having a hydrogen instead of a tank of petrol. The fuel cell, hydrogen combines with atmospheric oxygen to generate electricity. Fuel cell operates more like a mini power plant than a battery. Since the electricity needed to start the motor vehicle is driven on board the car on hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen in this process are emitted pollutants or CO2, but water (H2O). The concept of a peak in terms of performance and lack of pollution: its only emission is water as an auxiliary product, in addition to electricity. A lithium-ion battery compact and efficient store electricity generated during braking and decelerarării, the recovery and regeneration of energy. The battery works in concert with the fuel cell stack to propel the vehicle.

The solution adopted by Honda for the use of hydrogen as a fuel, remains the final solution for a zero emission society, even if by that time will be made other intermediate steps, inherent (hybrid - HEV, BEV battery-electric, etc.).


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