Hyundai Santa Fe awarded the prize for outstanding towing capacity

Hyundai Santa Fe awarded the prize for outstanding towing capacity

UK car industry experts praised the standard equipment, performance and value model and lower consumption than the competition.

Not just memories of harsh winters are popular choices for 4x4 vehicles British drivers. More and more choose to discover the beauties of England on holiday at the expense of leaving the country, and will have a car available to meet the challenges leisure.

In line with expert advice Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect choice for adventurous travelers. The model was named "Most Valuable 4x4 of the Year" ("Best Value 4x4 of the Year) by jury Caravan and Camping Club and magazines What Car? and Practical Caravan.

Steve Fowler, editor of the magazine What Car? explained why Santa Fe was named the winner:

"Santa Fe really deserves the award for most valuable 4x4. Realize that Santa Fe has good towing capacity after only a few kilometers, but you can see just how good is choice if you take into account the bid. "

"With over £ 10,000 cheaper than an XC60 and about £ 20,000 cheaper than a Land Rover Discovery, it is most easily car towing trailers can carry up to seven people and has an enviable list of standard equipment. Consumption is only 6.8 liters per 100km (41.5 mpg), according to official figures. Is an excellent result for a car about two tons. "

Hyundai UK Director, Tony Whitehorn, said: "We are delighted to receive this prestigious title. Model we know that Santa Fe is a popular and natural choice for caravan and travel enthusiasts have made every effort to provide them with an optimal package. Santa Fe offers an excellent mix of performance and fuel economy, while being a large family car and very capable. "


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