Intelligent tires will be launched by 2013

Intelligent tires will be launched by 2013

Some manufacturers are preparing to produce intelligent tire that communicates with the car.

Intelligent tires will be able to monitor their own pressure and road conditions and to send them to the car computer. Schrader Electronics manufacturing company dealing with automotive sensors, said they want to create a sensor to be placed inside the tire and rim or not the valve as it is now.

The sensor will send information gained and will send the computer will adjust it based on this information ABS, ESP and other security systems. The sensor will be able to measure weight to tires that are subject to temperature, wear and grip the road.

Schrader works in partnership with Pirelli and will sell the first model of tire sensors this year. Yet it can only measure pressure, temperature and load on the tires. The information will be transmitted by wireless computer control boards. The complete system will be called the Cyber Tyre, and will be sold in 2013.

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