"Lifetime warranty" is considered deceptive to Opel

"Lifetime warranty" is considered deceptive to Opel

Opel was ordered Tuesday by the Competition Council in Germany, to give life to promoting the security of vehicles produced, which depends on the reality of respecting a number of conditions being considered misleading.

Center for protection against unfair competition (Wettbewerbszentrale) in Germany a campaign critical of Opel promise "lifetime warranty" and those who take the new car since August 6. Strong association requires mark to end the campaign and threatens to call Opel in court, arguing that the word "life" customer induced error is not consistent with reality and put there just to attract attention.

Wettbewerbszentrale Association announced in a statement that will complain if Opel will not change until Thursday advertising campaign because the phrase "life" is "grand", but is not consistent with reality, being used only as to "his eyes" customer.

"I criticize the misleading advertising because, contrary to the claims, Opel does not actually offer a lifetime warranty," explained association president, Reiner Munker.

Opel / Vauxhall marketing blow on August 5, announcing that offers a lifetime warranty to all new cars, but beyond that offers guarantees are given in small type. The warranty covers the engine, transmission, steering, brakes and electronic components throughout life of the car, up to 160,000 kilometers.

An Opel spokesman said that company representatives will consider the criticisms made.

Source: http://www.opel.com/

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