Mazda and Ford will build together a new generation of compact pickup

Mazda and Ford will build together a new generation of compact pickup

Mazda and Ford's joint venture, Auto Alliance Thailand, will invest 350 million dollars in a production unit which will produce, by mid 2011, new generations pick-ups of two companies: Mazda BT- 50 and Ford Ranger.

The allotment will allow the installation of new equipment necessary to produce the next generation of pick-ups. Once completed, the total investment approach of the two builders in AutoAlliance Thailand will exceed 1.85 billion dollars to start operations in 1995.

"The current investment is an important step in the development of AAT in the position of the point of production to meet the highest standards," said Toshinori Kusuhashi President AutoAlliance Thailand. "Through the constant support of the local government auto industry in Thailand has continued to grow and become more efficient, the AAT facilitates the construction and export of automobiles and pick-ups with world-renowned. This new allocation of funds will allow us to further enhance the reputation of the pickup's "a ton" as the representative product for the automotive industry in Thailand. "

Investment program will also include resources for training and staff development. Such employees will have AAT skills required by high standards of the new draft compact pick-ups.

"This new investment in AAT reconfirms long-term commitment of Ford Motor Company in Thailand as a manufacturing strategy for our global operations," said Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor Company President, Asia Pacific and Africa. "The new production line with AAT employee contribution and the continued efforts of our suppliers in Thailand, will raise standards of flexibility, efficiency, quality and environmental protection in production at AAT."

AAT, already one of the most modern car factories in Thailand, contributed to setting high standards for production vehicles in the ASEAN region (Nations Association of South East Asia) through continued commitment to quality high, and efficiency standards costs.

"The new investment shows that AAT will continue to be a global center of excellence for producing compact pick-ups of both manufacturers and will play an important role in Mazda's global strategy," said Masaharu Yamaki, Director and Executive Vice President Mazda.

AAT exports pick-ups Ford and Mazda in more than 130 markets worldwide. In July 2007, AutoAlliance Thailand celebrated the production of one million units since the plant became operational in 1998. A new factory, following the highest standards for cars, was inaugurated in July 2009. Currently it produces Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta models sold in Thailand and exported to ASEAN and other markets.


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