Mercedes: Four Body Variants For The Next S-Class

The new Mercedes S-Class, codenamed W222 project, will arrive next year. And in many ways a model will be absolutely revolutionary. The intentions of doing great things for the next Sonderklasse we are all really: according to the car early today, the next generation of the flagship of Stuttgart will be declined in four different body variants.

In addition to the usual sedans short wheelbase and long wheelbase, the S-Class is also available as a coupé-model that will replace the current CL in 2013 - and as four-seat cabriolet. The spectacular Ocean Drive concept, which was presented back in 2007 at the Detroit Motor Show, then finally go into production, although markets are not expected before 2014.

The new S-Class will debut the all-new rear-drive platform MRA (Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture), whose unquestionable strength will be great flexibility. The ARM architecture is completely modular, which will be composed of no less than 93 interchangeable parts and that perspective should act as a "backbone" for all rear-wheel drive Mercedes.

Also in the suspension department, the new S-Class will track the road ahead will place quadrilink a new design that promises to further separate the functions (and their interference) steering, braking and cushioning to ensure comfort even better than the current model . Behind it, of course, you will see the evolution of a classic Mercedes, the multilink. Among the options you'll find an evolution of the ABC system and especially the new MBC, the Magic Body Control.

What is? Two miniature cameras pick up the road that the car is going to face, and send the information to the controller. This, in a few milliseconds, in turn, continuously adjusts the stiffness of the suspension to possible irregularities of the road. Home promises to be able to identify a new concept of comfort thanks to this device.

Another gem is the MLC technology, the Magic Light Control the headlights of the new S-Class, the CLS will exploit as a full-LED technology and will add further depth to their adaptive capacity, going to put in algorithms that automatically adjust the beam parameters such as speed and weather conditions, and of course the presence of cars in the opposite direction and steering angle.

In terms of ergonomics, as we have already written on several occasions, the current Comand will be replaced by a system that promises to drastically reduce the number of keys inside the car. The goal of Mercedes is to bring back the management of all functions on board a single command. The infotainment system is so easily accessible, as well as having much more memory, especially an updated operating system.

As for the engine range, the units will go from 2.1 CDI four-cylinder bi-turbo 204 hp and 500 Nm, up to 5.5 V12 biturbo noble, which is expected to rise from the current 517 bhp to around 550 bhp without gaining the approval Euro 6 . Directly into the stratosphere will reach the AMG versions, with 6.0 V12 biturbo S 65 rated at 650 hp.

It's not all about the new S-Class, the second car, will debut a brand new 3.0 V6 twin turbo that will be available in two variants from 310 hp and 360 hp and which will complement the recent 4.7 V8 from 435 hp. There will of course "the other AMG, S 63, which will be offered with the 5.5 twin-turbo V8 in powerstep from 545 and 570 hp. He had initially talked about a whole range for the flagship hybrid, but the marketing people have expressed the opposite view.

The S-Class hybrid engines will be so only three, the mild hybrid petrol 3.5 V6 300-hp (20 of them from the electric motor), the plug-in based on the same six-cylinder (109 hp, he can well "electric") and diesel-hybrid based on the twin-turbo 2.1 CDI, which thanks to the electric motor will touch the 224 hp and 600 Nm, while reducing power consumption.

Finally in 2014, with the arrival of the announced nine-speed automatic transmission, comes a new technique for its mild-hybrid, whose "motor" electric 20 HP will be replaced by a unit with about 50 hp.


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