Mio Moov V780 officially launches at CeBIT 2010

Mio Moov V780 officially launches at CeBIT 2010

Mio launches new Mio Moov V780 navigation system at CeBIT International Fair. Moov V780 software includes Mio GPS Spirit and has a 7 "screen flat, wide format, HD multimedia capabilities, digital TV receiver and WiFi.

Rethink browsing experience with the new Mio Moov V780

The new Mio Moov V780 classical cross border navigation devices. Thought to provide the best experience of navigation, entertainment and Internet access, the new V780 incorporates Moov Mio GPS software Spirit and has a 7 "screen flat, wide format, including HD multimedia capabilities, TV receiver digital and wireless connectivity. This combination has been assessed particularly strong in the iF Design Awards in 2010. The story behind the spectacular design of the new device will be offered to the public by Ralph Wiegmann, Managing Director of iF International Forum Design GmbH, who will attend the press conference launching the product.

Explore the world with extensive new maps offered by Mio Spirit

New maps included extensive MicroSD card, for Mio Moov series S500, are adapted to be compatible with the new model of GPS and software running on the same highly appreciated Mio Spirit. Customers can avoid the difficult process of updating the maps based on unloading, turning and their installation by connecting the device MicroSD card, the transaction is sufficient so that the user can run additional maps without replacing the pre-installed.

Mio already working for several years with leading local providers of GPS maps in order to be able to offer its customers the latest and detailed maps available. Currently, extensive coverage maps for Mio Spirit includes North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China.

New product and expanded maps Mio Spirit, will arrive in Romania since Q3 2010.

Innovative features of the new V780

- Playing video up to 720p
- HD output which can connect the device to an HD display through a single interface HD
- Access through a single click from YouTube
- 3D interface for intuitive operation
- Wireless Internet Connectivity
- Transport box and keyboard, included in a single accessory by easily connecting
- Web browser with Flash support integrated
- Access to e-mail via Microsoft Exchange Server and Gmail

More information about this revolutionary device will be offered in the official conference held by Mio at CeBIT, Wednesday, March 4, within 11 am-12 pm, but on the exhibition site.

Source: http://www.mio.com/

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