New Recreational Vehicle: COCO mini car now in US

New Recreational Vehicle: COCO mini car now in US

Kandi Technologies, Corp. (KNDI), one of China's leading designers, manufacturers and exporters of all terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTVs) and its number one exporter of go-karts, announced today that the first shipments of its exciting new, gasoline powered, off-highway low-speed super mini cars, that can achieve up to 60 mpg, have begun to arrive in the U.S. It expects shipments will continue to build in succeeding months to meet anticipated strong customer demand.

Environment-friendly, energy saving and sustainable development cars drew wide attention. Given the market trend, the management of Kandi has conducted a series of market research and technology research, initiating the new energy car program two years ago. In the new energy car program, after many years of dedicated research for electric technology, the company has a recreational vehicle, systems and key assembly technology, and other self-determination intellectual property rights, technology principle in electric recreational vehicle is easy to achieve, and industrialization conditions become mature gradually with the equipment of products technology and production technology. Therefore, the company plans to launch electric recreational vehicle to market in the second half of 2008, this project is expected to be the new driver of Kandi’s revenue.

The Company said that sales, marketing and distribution in the U.S. of the new COCO super mini are being handled by Solus International Corporation, based in Lynnwood, Washington, which has a large, well developed sales network of automotive distributors, dealers and major retailers throughout North America.

Mr. David Irvine, VP of Sales of Solus International, stated, "The interest and response from our sales network to the arrival of the COCO has been tremendous. With an anticipated sales price to consumers of about $9,900, the COCO delivers outstanding value in a fun and highly stylish package to consumers who are tired of high gasoline prices for local commuter driving."

"Further," Mr. Irvine said, "Kandi's reputation for delivering high quality vehicles, as reflected in its well received ATVs and go-karts for the All Terrain Recreational Vehicle market, should continue to serve it well. We see a bright future for Kandi in the super mini car category and are proud to partner with them."

Mr. Xiaoming Hu, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kandi Technologies Corp., commented, "The first deliveries of our new COCO super mini are another major milestone for our Company, opening up a whole new avenue of growth, building on the success we have achieved in the ATRV market. We continue to anticipate strong sales of the COCO through year end of at least 5000 vehicles, with further significant growth in succeeding years, especially as we add in the not too distant future low-speed electric and gas powered hard top super minis for highway driving. There is an enormous opening in the U.S. for well-designed, low cost, 'green' energy saving vehicles -- and we think we have the right products at the right time -- that in a few years also will begin to meet anticipated growing demand domestically."

KANDI CoCo in Dallas, Texas:

The solution for high gas prices has finally arrived in Dallas: the country's first Kandi Coco. Perhaps it looks like a glorified golf cart, but this fashionable, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly "Super-Mini" car will be given away to one lucky subscriber of

Check out the new super-mini Kandi Coco car, from China, which sorta looks like a convertible Smart Car. It can be viewed:

  • Saturday, July 19 starting at 7pm at Kenichi (2400 Victory Park Lane),
  • Friday, July 25 starting at 8pm at Victory Tavern (2501 North Houston Street),
  • Every Sunday throughout the summer starting at 11am at Sunday Jazz Brunch in Victory Park (3090 Olive Street)

Learn more at, where you can register to win one of these little autos.

Features of the New Two-Seated KD08A KANDI COCO CONVERTIBLE:

  • Engine: 250cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled, Rear Wheel Drive
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Brakes: Disc
  • MPG: up to 60
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Gas Tank: 5.28 gallons
  • Driving Range: up to 300 miles
  • Dimensions: 103.6" x 60.9" x 61.5"
  • Curb Weight: 1166 lbs.
  • Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black, Orange
  • Distributor's Suggested Retail Price: $9,900, excluding tax, delivery other (depending on individual dealer)


Kandi Technologies Corp.
Hu Xiaoming
President and CEO
(86-0579) 82239700

US Investors

Focus Asia Partners
Robert Agriogianis
Tel:   973-845-6642
Fax:  973-845-6649

About Kandi:

After a few years of development, three major All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) series with various types have been shaped in Kandi Vehicles Co., ltd, but because of production capacity, we can not fully meet the market demand. Accordingly, at the beginning of 2007, Kandi Vehicles Co., ltd initiated the program for expanding ATV production capacity through new factories, industrial integration and technical preparations in order to building up three exclusive ATV production base. After more than one year’s efforts, new plant has been completed. The industrial integration as well as technical preparations of production line for sports cars and UTVs have been finished by the end of March. The goals of technology transformation are reached.

The company coordinated with every department to promote the mass production of recreational vehicle together with conducting a comprehensive examination over assembly lines, transformation in craftwork equipment and mould manufacturing on a schedule basis, stressing the enterprise spirit --“dedication to all details ", improving the quality control measures from small parts, snails to engine assembly during the production process, understanding assembly criteria, careful assembly, careful debugging, striving for better, which effectively promoted the pace of recreational vehicle’s standardization in mass production.

In its core All Terrain Recreational Vehicle (ATRV) businesses, Kandi Technologies, Corp. (KNDI), which generated nearly $35 million in sales in 2007, coupled with a 370% increase in profits to just over $5 million, the Company ranks as the number one manufacturer and exporter of go-karts in China, making it a world leader in the production of this increasingly popular recreational vehicle. It also ranks among the leading manufacturers in China of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) producing more than 30,000 ATV units last year. A more recent Company focus in the ATRV category has been on specialized utility vehicles (UTVs), especially for agricultural purposes, a vehicle line that is seeing strong growth, especially in the North America, where Kandi sells approximately 70% of all its products, all of which are exported. In the third quarter, the Company expects to launch its innovative three-wheeler motorcycle, the TT.


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Chinese coco mini car by Kandi

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Since i can walk faster than that on just water, does that make me a more efficient alternative?

Kandi Technologies Corporation manufacture nothing, they buy some parts and put them together.
The buildings are empty, it a stock market shell company!

General Motors
Here is a company that claims to be going broke and paying big bonuses to excutives and magically the are sitting back in the fast lane after 1 year of being bailed out. Having said that GM also just buys parts from suppliers and only puts them together for profit. What is the difference between the North American companies and Chinese Companies. NOTHING! I have visited factories in China and worked for General Motors. Low Speed Vehicles are the future for average people and the Chinese can make them better and cheaper then any other company. We should be accepting this cost saving istead of waiting for the $45,000.00 LSV to be produced in North America.

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