Nissan began production of electric model LEAF

Nissan began production of electric model LEAF

The Oppama plant, Nissan started production LEAF 100% electric model, which will hit the market in Japan and the U.S. in December, and in some European markets in early 2011. Since 2013, Nissan will be produced and Leaf plant in England.

"It's an important moment not only for Nissan and Renault-Nissan Alliance, but for the entire auto industry," said Carlos Ghosn, president and CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance, the ceremony to start series production. "Customers have decided. Will sustainable mobility at a reasonable price, and the Alliance is a leader in this field, offering just such cars: reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Nissan will radically transform innovative LEAF what customers expect car manufacturers worldwide. "

LEAF will be produced at Nissan's Oppama plant models with petrol engines, such as Nissan and Nissan Cube Juke. Parts of the assembly line have been modified for the installation of batteries in the stage production at the time would have traditionally mounted fuel tank. Production quality and efficiency are provided in each assembly process.

Li-Ion battery pack's are produced at Nissan Leaf Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (NAAT) of Zama, Japan - a joint venture of Nissan Motor Co.. and NEC Corporation. Battery module, which contains four cells, is assembled at Nissan's Zama plant and then delivered where it is assembled into a package of 48 units per vehicle.

Nissan has plans to build electric cars and factories Smyrna, Tennessee United and Sunderland, United Kingdom. Leaf Nissan will start to be produced in Smyrna in 2012 and at Sunderland in 2013.

Nissan LEAF is a fully electric vehicle that can be recharged from a normal 220V outlet. LEAF has an electric motor that produces 80 kW (109 hp) and 280 Nm, and can reach a top speed exceeding 140 km / h. Autonomy is at least 160 kilometers.

In the U.S., Nissan Leaf will have a base price of $ 32,780, but the federal aid to state, can lower the price to $ 25,250.


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