Nissan will launch in 2012 a $ 2,500 car

Nissan will launch in 2012 a $ 2,500 car

Renault-Nissan Alliance will launch the Indian market since 2012, a car "ultra low cost, small. Developed in collaboration with a local partner, the vehicle will cost approximately $ 2,500 will compete directly with Tata Nano.

According Publication Indian Express quoted by Mediafax, Renault agreed with Indian vehicle manufacturer Bajaj ULC that car (Ultra Low Cost) to be sold at a price of $ 2,500 to directly compete with the Nano model, built by Tata group and considered world's cheapest car.

Car launch was originally scheduled for this year. A possible cause of the postponement would be disagreements on price car parts, Indian newspaper notes.

Collaboration between Nissan and Bajaj to build a small and economical machinery was announced in 2008. At that time, Renault wanted a cheap car, while India's consider a car easy to maintain and durable.

Last year, the French group chief executive, Carlos Ghosn announced that the design, concept and production car will be provided by Bajaj, while the alliance will handle marketing and distribution.


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