Opel does not waive the "lifetime warranty"

Opel does not waive the "lifetime warranty"

Opel / Vauxhall keeps promise to provide lifetime warranty on new cars, saying it does not waive the promotion campaign, after the German authorities threatened the company with a process to induce the public in error.

"I do not take into account the abandonment of our campaign," said Alain Visser, chief sales and marketing department of General Motors' European division, adding that he disagrees with the views of authorities who consider the campaign "misleading", writes Automotive News.

Opel was ordered by the Competition Council in Germany, to stop promoting "Life Assurance" of vehicles produced, is considered misleading because it really depends on compliance with several conditions.

"Like any guarantee offered on the market, ours has its own conditions and they are very clear," the company official.

He did not want to say how it cost the company, stating that it is divided over a longer time and has worked on it with the same care and dedication as a different product or model of car.

Competition Council spokesman said the advertising campaign is misleading because, although there is no time constraint for this security, it guarantees only cover repair costs for vehicles up to 160,000 kilometers (100,000 miles). In response, Visser said: "I challenge you to find a machine with at least 100,000 km on board."

Source: http://www.opel.com/

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