Preparing a new model Mazda RX-9 supercharged

Preparing a new model Mazda RX-9 supercharged

Sources inside the company said that in preparing a new model Mazda RX-8 supercharged. The new model could be called the RX-9.

Will stop the current model Mazda RX-8 production next month. Mazda RX-8 will be removed from production because of high fuel consumption and a reduced torque. The new RX will use the same power rotary piston, but Mazda will seek solutions to provide a better consumption and more torque.

One of the main rivals Volkswagen Sciroco. Mazda said to face competition, the new model could be fitted with an electric turbo. The new Mazda RX-9 might use Nagare design concept. It is inspired by nature, especially wind and flowing water. On the basis of design concepts were developed five highly rated in 2006 and 2007.

This design could be seen on the new Mazda 5. The Japanese said they want to launch this autumn a new design concept. Paris Mazda will launch a series of concepts that will foreshadow the next generation of models.


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