Renault Launches Campaign Expedition Green

To mark a unique way the International Environment Day, Green Expedition Renault announces campaign. On June 5, four bloggers who represent four cities chosen for this competition will start in this campaign.

Christian bloggers are involved in the campaign Chinezu 'Birta for Bucharest, Ovid Eftimie for Brasov, Iasi and Andrei Marius Sescu for Criva for Timisoara. On June 5, the four will learn what to do with Renault to lead as Cross and will invite readers to follow their advice and support them in carrying out will occur over four weeks.

On June 13, signaling the start of the campaign itself four bloggers when they marched Green and will have to solve a series of tasks cross. All four tasks designed, in turn, promote eco attitudes and identify those elements that give each city the title of "eco town". During the four weeks that the campaign will carry Expedition Green, the public is invited to follow what is happening online and offline to engage with bloggers in solving the tasks in the week in progress.

This will start the indexing of the city parks each blogger, and in the second week to discover all parts of the city infrastructure cross the bloggers live. The involvement of third week Let's Do It Romania team, a strategic partner of the project, which will assign each blogger to be part of an area mapped by them.

The last task is the most exciting. The four bloggers will start in a race that he will cross through all four cities included in the competition task being to consume as few resources and end the sample in a short time. Winner will be chosen that blogger, that over the four weeks would consume the fewest resources to tasks, will gather as many supporters and will collect the most points. Winner will be rewarded with a visit to one of the factories of the future where electric cars Renault factory.

To solve the four tasks, bloggers will receive a Renault Clio, Renault eco2 policy flagship model, is designed to have as little impact on the environment. Renault Clio is produced in factories that comply with ISO14001, the Flins (France) and Bursa (Turkey). In addition, 17% of its mass comes from recycling plastic. And the CO2 emissions of just 106 g CO2 km, diesel engine, 1.5 dCi 75 hp model is positioned in the top green Renault. Low CO2 emissions is closely linked to the consumption of just 3.5 litres/100 km in a route where extra or 4 litres/100 km, for a combined cycle (urban and extra).


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